How much will it cost me ? – our rates

How much will you need to budget to have the Cocktail Shaker Boys cocktails at your home or party venue?

From around £20 per head?

We won’t bore you with that old analogy about bits of string. But it is true that the fee to hire us to run your cocktail party for you depends on a number of factors.

The key thing is the number of guests. The more guests you have, clearly the more drink they will get through! So this is always one of the first questions we ask you. Also of course, the number of guests you’re having also helps us work out the size of the team we need to put out – to keep the cocktails flowing!

Typically, we are on site with you serving cocktails for 2 hours (our standard package.) We’ll also discuss how many cocktails you want to provide for your guests over the period. We will supply all the cocktail glasses for your party. That way we can make sure all the drinks are served in the right glasses and look the business.

We supply all the spirits, liqueurs, mixers & garnishes – plus the glasses and you get us of course to mix, shake, muddle and serve a range of awesome cocktails to you and your guests. (Well that’s how one of our clients described them to us recently!)

cocktail party planning

Cocktails for your party – we’ll bring the lot

Our fees start at around £400, to include glass hire and the supply of drink.  Talk to us about your event and we’ll see if we can help. 01858 898154 or

A typical party might be for say 40 people, and the total bill for everything except ice is likely to be in the region of £750 – £800. Our fees will depend on the final choice of cocktail menu and how many cocktails you want to provide for everybody. There may be a little extra for travel if you’re outside of the East Midlands.

We also like our charging structure to be really clear. So once we’ve agreed the cocktail menu with you, and the number of cocktails we’re gearing up for, we will give you a fixed fee in advance. That way you know exactly what the party will cost you. You pay us the deposit to secure your booking, at least 2 weeks in advance so we can buy your drink. You can do this by electronic bank transfer. The balance is then due on the day usually, before we leave. Simple huh? For a few dollars more, we will even make up some laminated and personalised cocktail menus for you, so that your guests know what they’re choosing. The boys will of course always be on hand to explain the list of scrumminess on offer though!

cocktail party at home

Our Tequila Sunrise – making an appearance at your party?

If you’re planning a party at an event soon, and believe that cocktails will add that bit of class, sophistication and glamour to the event, contact us or call us on 01858 898154. We’ll be able to price up your party for you. Cocktails are certainly fashionable and it will give you and your guests something to remember. After all most people wouldn’t expect to be served cocktails at a house party or local hired venue would they?

Also, it gives you a good excuse to dress up a bit too doesn’t it? To fit the occasion?

Cocktail Shaker Boys love mixing and muddling at venues across the East and West Midlands including ; Leicester, Northampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Oakham, Uppingham, Melton Mowbray, Daventry, Rugby, Lutterworth, Oadby, Loughborough, Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Kettering as well as wider parts of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. Contact us on 01858 898154 or via e-mail

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