We do cocktail presentations at the W.I. As well as coming round to your place and mixing, muddling, shaking and stirring cocktails for you at home we also run presentations on cocktails and cocktail making too. We’re pleased to have presented our 40 minute presentation ‘Everything you wanted to know about cocktails, but were afraid to ask’ to 24 W.I. groups in the Midlands to date, and we have bookings with another 10.

Cocktail sampling at the W.I.

Cocktails in mini form at the W.I.


We love doing them, and fortunately (for us) they seem popular. In fact by our calculations, over 500 members of the Women’s Institute have heard us speak on the subject of cocktails. After the presentation, we offer samples of both alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails in mini form, for anyone wanting to sample. We know how to win an audience over!

Our talk is intended to be an interesting, light-hearted wander through the history of cocktails, with a mix of historical facts, expert knowledge, peppered with a little advice and humour.




During our talk, you’ll find out

  • How we got into cocktail making
  • Cocktails defined
  • A little of the history of why & where cocktails cam from
  • The 3 parts to cocktail structure
  • Some cocktail myths & trivia (to impress your friends!)
  • What’s in a name? How cocktails got extraordinary names
  • A practical demonstration with samples to try!

Cocktail Shaker Boys as Guest Speakers

If you are actively involved with a W.I. group, or something similar such as the Rotary or the Lions – we’ve worked with both of these groups too, and you’re on the look out for guest speakers, please bear us in mind. Depending on where you are and the numbers of people you expect to attend, we can give you a quick price, and you can let us know the date you’d like us to appear and it’s in the diary. Sorted.

In fact, encouraged by the fact that we’ve been asked to appear at so many groups to date, we’re planning a second presentation. You have been warned!

Cocktail Shaker Boys appear as guest speakers at gatherings and events for groups across the East Midlands: Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, Market Harborough, Loughborough, Leicester, Kibworth, The Langtons, Burton Overy, Foxton, Medbourne, Hallaton, Lutterworth, Rugby, Oadby, Charnwood, Kettering, Corby, Great Oakley, Braybrooke, Northampton, Chapel Brampton, Church Brampton, Oakham, Uppingham, Rutland. Contact us on 01858 898154 or via e-mail fun@cocktailshakerboys.co.uk for more details.