“What can I say but thank you for a wonderful evening last night? We had a great time and your promise of learning how to make two cocktails certainly enticed some of our zoom shy members out to play!  We have received great feedback from all our members that took part last night. Some have gone to invest in cocktails shakers and glasses. Others were busy adding triple sec and white rum to their click and collect shopping bags. We were also really pleased that you showed us a mocktail recipe as we have a few ladies that don’t drink alcohol.
I can’t recommend your zoom night highly enough. We felt it was great value for money (words our treasurer doesn’t say quite so enthusiastically normally!). There was something for everyone and we had a really great time.
I also think its important to say that prior to the evening all the communication that we had was very efficient. Every question and query answered really quickly helping us to plan for the evening. Thank you so much for a great evening.”