Hen Party Cocktails – Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, the East & West Midlands.

Hen party cocktails

Hen party cocktails

Cocktail Shaker Boys provide cocktails at your home or locally hired venue. We’re happy to give you a quote for an upcoming Hen Party or special Birthday event you may be planning. All we need to know is;

  • What date do you have in mind? We need to check the diary
  • How many people do you think will be there?
  • What is the Postcode of the party venue?

If the idea of cocktails floats your boat, click on the big Green Button here

and we’ll get an outline proposal back to you.

Then what?

Once you’re happy with the outline details, we’ll start work on a suggested menu. We’ll email that across to you, with a selection of 5 alcoholic cocktails and 2 alcohol free mocktails. We have some great hen-party specific cocktails.

At that point once we’ve agreed the menu with you, we can firm upon the price. Give you a fixed fee. Pretty straightforward really. As a guide though for 20 or so people the fee generally comes in around £25 per head.

Hen party cocktails

Hen party cocktails Leicester

What do we supply?

For our fee, we’ll supply you with;

  • All the drink – spirits, liqueurs, mixers and garnishes
  • The glassware – to make sure your cocktails look as good as they taste
  • Plus us of course to add the je ne sais quoi to your evening. To mix, muddle, shake and stir your cocktails

OK, then what?

There will be a few e-mails exchanged and then in advance of your party, we’ll ask you to transfer us the deposit via electronic bank transfer. We can then order the ingredients for your party.

The balance is then payable 7 days before the event. That means less hassle for you. If you’re organising, you have one less thing to think about on the evening. No collecting money. It’s all sorted.

Anything else you want to know, contact us fun@cocktailshakerboys.co.uk or call us on 01858 898154. Or to complete your enquiry, just click the big green button below.

Cheers, as we often say 🙂

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