40th birthday cocktails are something we get booked for frequently. The good news is we can help! You may be planning on having cocktails at home. Or maybe you’re hiring a local venue. Cocktails will add some glamour to your event and give you all something to talk about afterwards. If you’d like to get cocktails on your menu, let us know. You can have some of your old favourites. Or maybe you’re more adventurous and would like a selection of cocktails that you and your guests haven’t had before. Either way, we’ve got it covered.

Just drop us some basic information on our contact us page. We’re keen to know

How many people are likely to be there

The date – to check if we’re available

Where you are. Postcode is enough

We’ll then send you some outline details of what we can do for you, and how much it will be. If you’re happy with that bit, we then get on to the fun bit! Putting together a suggested menu for you.

Once that’s agreed, we’ll confirm the price with you, and start the planning.

So, get cocktails on your menu. Cocktails at your home or locally hired venue for you and all your guests. We agree the menu with you in advance and the fee in advance too. So nothing much to think about on the night – apart from having a good night with all your favourite people – of course!

See what other people have said about having us to make their cocktails here. Or, if you’re already convinced that cocktails is the right thing for you, dive straight in to some of our cocktail menu ideas.