Cocktails at your place? If you have a birthday or special event coming up and you like cocktails, why not get them on the menu? We can make that happen for you. We’ll come along to your home or locally hired venue and mix, muddle, shake and stir your cocktails.

If you’d like something a bit different at your party or event and you think cocktails could add that extra touch of glamour, and a real talking point, let’s talk.

We bring along everything : all the drink, plus the glassware to make sure your cocktails look as good as they taste. And there’s us of course, with that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to make you all a fantastic range of cocktails.

We’ll provide you with a cocktail menu to fit your event. Usually it’s what we call our 5+2. That’s a choice of 5 cocktails and 2 non-alcoholic mocktails.

We have a full repertoire which can include the ol’ classics such as the Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan, and Mojito. We also offer the modern classics such as the Espresso Martini and Green Apple Martini. How about also trying our own in-house creations? We like spending time doing a little liquid alchemy. We also like sharing these new discoveries with others. Our Rhubarb Martini, Sandbar, and Lavender Martini have already become firm favourites.  Have a look at some menu ideas here

Our aim is to help make your birthday party or special event a night for you and your guests to remember. See what our customers say.

Cocktails plus mocktails

We also have a fantastic selection of non-alcoholic drinks (mocktails). After all why should the drivers, the abstainers, those on a strict diet and teenagers at your event sit in the corner with a Coke, when they can have great looking mocktails?

If you’re planning an event at home or locally, talk to us about cocktails. All we need is a few details such as where in the UK you are, the date of your party and the likely number of guests and we can do the rest. Click here for our enquiry form.

We have the cocktails plus the shakers, the straws, the Rhubarb gin, The Prosecco, the Elderflower liqueur, the Rum, the mint, the limes and a whole host of other exciting stuff too!

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