The ultimate dinner party night in – Market Harborough

The ultimate dinner party at home in Market Harborough or surrounding area. The Cocktail Shaker Boys have teamed up with local chef Roy Shortland to offer you pre-dinner cocktails and a fantastic 3 course meal, all prepared and cooked for you in the comfort of your own home. The ultimate night in?

The Ultimate dinner party with cocktails – South Leicestershire

Cocktail Shaker Boys teaming up with leading chef to offer you the ultimate dinner party, the ultimate night in. The boys serve you a fantastic array of great cocktails before you sit down to enjoy your top quality meal, and all served in the comfort of your own home. The ultimate night in, allowing you to enjoy the company of your friends without any of the hassle.

Roy Shortland and the Cocktail Shaker Boys

Roy Shortland chef & pastry coach to Frances Quinn series winner of BBC’s Great British Bake Off is the chef part of the Ultimate Night In – a double act with the Cocktail Shaker Boys of Market Harborough. The ultimate dinner party at your home with pre-dinner cocktails for you and your guests followed by fine dining – your 3 course meal prepared in your kitchen.