James also joined in Summer 2021 to help us grow the business. Ask him how he first met the Cocktail Shaker Boys. He was a guest at a wedding and one thing lead to another. Whilst he hasn’t worked in a bar, James is a born natural and loves serving cocktails for guests. He’s a massive…


Tom was our first new recruit as things became busy after lockdown eased. He’s worked at a bar, but serving cocktails is a new direction for him. He has a number of jobs – which include being a DJ. By day he works in a secondary school managing the I.T. department. So his interests feature…


Duncan also has a grown-up job: He is a train driver and before that a firefighter. Nevertheless, he is an experienced bartender and bar manager, having served as a head barman at one of Northamptonshire’s premier wedding venues in his early 20s. He likes being busy and his interests include putting on theatre productions and…

Steve Loxton

The other founding member of the Cocktail Shaker Boys. He worked for a while in a pub a long, long time ago, and enjoys meeting our clients. He is a bank manager by day – which often surprises party guests. He’s keen on travel and loves limoncello. Ask him about his serving suggestion.

Andrew Seaward

Our head mixologist set the business up having been a keen collector of spirits and liqueurs for over 30 years. He loves a little mixology and working on new cocktails and deconstructing old classics. He’s also keen on sport and music and runs a consultancy business too.