Cocktails – made in advance for you to simply pour. Regrettably we have to admit that sometimes people want to book us for their cocktail party at home, but for whatever reason we’re not available. It may be that someone else has beaten you to it and booked us in advance. Or it may be that we are off doing other things. Keen as we are – even Cocktail Shaker Boys need a night off sometimes – so we had an idea – a plan!

Pre-made cocktails and glasses supplied

We are able to offer pre-made cocktails for you, all labelled up and stored in your fridge for you to simply pour on the night.

No fiddling about with shakers, no measuring out, no adding ice, just simply pour from the Cocktail Shaker Boys elegant glass bottles straight into the correct cocktail glasses we’ve hired you as part of the package.

Really what could be easier? So this is kinda cocktail shaker boys cocktails without the cocktail shaker boys. Neat huh ?!

Mocktails and Cocktails that you can serve yourself!

We’d prefer to be there in person naturally – to join in a bit and provide that bit of visual theatre making cocktails fresh in front of your guests.

However if we can’t, then perhaps this is the next best thing.  As with the usual service, we will agree the selection of yummy, scrummy cocktails and mocktails (alcohol free) with you in advance. We can tell you more about this if your BIG NIGHT IN happens to be a time we’re having a BIG NIGHT OUT.

To keep the delivery costs down and to ensure you receive your cocktails fresh, this service is only available for our clients with LE16 postcodes currently. Outside this, it gets complicated. But give us a call and try it out. 01858 898154 or e-mail us with some more details for cocktails at home.

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