Cocktail Shaker Boys 4 guys

Cocktail Shaker Boys from The Midlands

Cocktail Shaker Boys is a team of 5 guys based in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Yes we know there are only 4 in the picture! The business was set up over 10 years ago by Andrew and Steve. They are both from a business background, with years of experience in customer facing roles.

The other members of the team are Duncan who has been with us since he was 21, plus Tom and James who joined us in 2021 post-Covid.

Cocktail Shaker Boys helps our customers have fun with their guests, their favourite people. And yeah sure, we have fun too of course!

Liquid alchemists at large

Our mixology skills spread to spending time in the apothecary developing new cocktails. We love a little liquid alchemy! So our customers can be introduced to great new cocktails, alongside the classics and popular modern favourites. Perhaps we can introduce you to your next favourite cocktail! In fact, if you want to know more about our mixology and our new ideas, take a look at our head mixologist Andrew’s blog.

Creators of incredible cocktails in your home

The idea for the business came to us a few years ago, with the principle being to take the cocktails to the party. Usually if you want cocktails you have to go out for them. But with the Cocktail Shaker Boys you don’t have to. We bring everything to you : all the ingredients, the glassware, and then there’s us of course with a little je ne sais quoi!

Andrew Seaward

Our head mixologist set the business up having been a keen collector of spirits and liqueurs for over 30 years. He loves a little mixology and working on new cocktails and deconstructing old classics. He’s also keen on sport and music and runs a consultancy business too.

Steve Loxton

The other founding member of the Cocktail Shaker Boys. He worked for a while in a pub a long, long time ago, and enjoys meeting our clients. He is a bank manager by day – which often surprises party guests. He’s keen on travel and loves limoncello. Ask him about his serving suggestion.


Duncan also has a grown-up job: He is a train driver and before that a firefighter. Nevertheless, he is an experienced bartender and bar manager, having served as a head barman at one of Northamptonshire’s premier wedding venues in his early 20s. He likes being busy and his interests include putting on theatre productions and tennis coaching.


Tom was our first new recruit as things became busy after lockdown eased. He’s worked at a bar, but serving cocktails is a new direction for him. He has a number of jobs – which include being a DJ. By day he works in a secondary school managing the I.T. department. So his interests feature music heavily of course, and cars.


James also joined in Summer 2021 to help us grow the business. Ask him how he first met the Cocktail Shaker Boys. He was a guest at a wedding and one thing lead to another. Whilst he hasn’t worked in a bar, James is a born natural and loves serving cocktails for guests. He’s a massive sports fan, following both local rugby and football teams. By day he’s a manager in a logistics business.

Information about pricing cocktails at your place

Find out more about how the pricing works or just get in touch. The boys eagerly await your call. Or e-mail!