Cocktail making presentation and demonstration. Mainly, we can be found mixing, muddling, shaking and stirring cocktails at our customer’s homes. In addition to this, we also like sharing our knowledge about cocktails and cocktail making.

We are booked frequently to appear at groups social get-togethers as guest speakers. If you are part of a group that books guest speakers, and you’re based in the Midlands, Leicestershire or Northamptonshire, we’d be happy to chat to you about what we do. You can read some testimonials too.

We have a 40 minute presentation about the history of cocktails and cocktail structure titled “Everything you wanted to know about cocktails but were afraid to ask.” Our 2-man lively, light-hearted presentation finishes with a demonstration of us making 2 cocktails and 2 non-alcoholic mocktails. You then have the chance to try some of the samples we have prepared for you.

You can see some extracts from a presentation we did for a W.I. group in Leicestershire here.

So, if you’re looking for guest speakers for your group let us know. Simply pop some details on our contact us page and we’ll do the rest.

Or give us a call in the office on 01858 898154. We look forward to hearing from you.