Ideally, we all like to plan with plenty of time. But we also know life doesn’t always work like that. Maybe one of you searches the internet and has a light bulb moment. They decide that what your party or event really needs is some COCKTAILS! Well of course it does. We knew that already!

If you’re all a bit last minute, try us. We’ll help if we can. Usually, we order the drink for your party 2 weeks before the event. We’re on a 2 week ordering cycle you see. So, we ask for payment of your deposit a minimum of 14 days in advance.

So, if you’re within 14 days, we’ve missed that opportunity. We may still be able to help though. We simply ask for your full payment 72 hours in advance – by electronic bank transfer. So it’s all pretty straightforward really. You don’t have to mess about with 2 payments, and it’s all sorted in advance of your party or event.

We may also suggest that you have a menu made up of our stock items. But we carry a wide variety of ingredients so it’s no bother.

If you’re looking at putting on an event or party and it’s eek –  soon, let us know NOW, by filling out our contact form. Just a few questions to help us plan out your event smoothly. Let’s do it!