Cocktails at corporate events, functions and parties from the Cocktail Shaker Boys.

Christmas cocktail being ordered

Christmas company cocktails – Leicestershire

Cocktails served at one of our client’s Christmas office parties. We tried a new format – 2 cocktail menus with some light sparkly champagne style cocktails pre-dinner and then some more mainstream cocktails for afters. We love matching menus and cocktail selections to the event.

Cocktails with flowers

Cocktails for 100 – your cocktails sorted

Cocktails at your company event or function or party. Up to 100 guests and we can provide the cocktails, with menus to suit your group. Classic short spirity cocktails, through to long sparkly or fruity cocktails and cocktails with a modern twist. Unusual ingredients, unusual combinations, all available in our ‘shop.’

Cocktails at your company do, party or function

For cocktails at your company function, party or do talk to us the Cocktail Shaker Boys. You may be interested in cocktails to add that bit of glamour, and a bit of a Wow factor. Each function we run is different and so we’re happy to work with you to fit the brief. It could be a theme, or a set budget and we supply flexible menus to suit your function. Daytime event – lighter cocktails perhaps. Many options. Let’s talk.

Rotary presentation

Rotary presentation – Market Harborough

Cocktail Shaker Boys – guest speakers at the Market Harborough Rotary as the new president starts his year in office. A shortened version of our presentation complete with the usual demonstration and samples of course for the guests. Available as guest speakers at company events or club, associations or groups gatherings.

Cocktails – the presentation

Cocktail Shaker Boys presentation for groups, clubs and anyone who needs guest speakers. This lively 40 minute presentation runs through the history of cocktails, introducing the world’s great spirits. Some top tips for making WOW cocktails at home, and then the boys do a brief demonstration of how to make them, finishing with a chance to try some samples for the audience.

Cocktail making demonstration - Northampton

Cocktail making presentation

Cocktail making presentations. Spirits, liqueurs and cocktails have an interesting story to tell from different parts of the world. We’ll come along to your meeting, company event, or association get together and share the secrets of their interesting past. We can also run a demonstration of how to make your own perfect cocktails : the basic structure of the cocktail, and how to use it.