Quality cocktails

Proper cocktails – not a large glass of ice

Quality cocktails from the Cocktail Shaker Boys. Unlike many cocktail bars, we don’t laden your glass with ice first. This amount of dilution will usually leave you with what tastes like a lolly after a few minutes. With our cocktails, we like to hope it tastes as good after 20 minutes as it did for the first sip. Try us and see what you think.

How about an all-new cocktail menu to get your guests interested?

Try an all-new cocktail menu to get your guests really buzzing about your cocktails. Let us help you try some new concoctions and in-house creations to make the cocktails a real talking point at your party or celebration. We’ve got a load of new ideas for you.

London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week 2017 – refining our craft

Great new cocktail ideas from London Cocktail Week 2017. Tried some great new cocktails, new products and the good news for you our customers, you get to try some of the best new ideas we’ve come across. A win-win surely.

40th birthday cocktails – Solihull Birmingham

Cocktails at your 40th birthday celebrations in Birmingham or Solihull. Cocktail Shaker Boys will come along and make you a great range of stunning cocktails to help you celebrate with your friends. We agree the fee with you in advance and we then bring everything along : all the drink, glassware and us of course to make it happen!