Cocktails Northampton

Cocktails – Northampton – 50th birthday

Let us create a tailored cocktail menu for you and your guests at your forthcoming party or celebration. Hen party? 60th birthday? Girls night in? They can all have different types of menus. We enjoy fitting them to your group. Prohibition, 80s, modern and our own in-house creations all have a role to play in the cocktail menu

New cocktail ingredients

Want to try some new cocktails at your place?

Make your party a new cocktail experience for your guests with an all-new cocktail menu. Ignore the Mojitos, Cosmos and Pina Coladas. Give us the opportunity to introduce you to your next favourite cocktail. We’ll even offer you a discounted price to reward your boldness! New cocktails from prohibition, 2016 London cocktail competitions and our in-house creations. Be early adopters with some help from the Cocktail Shaker Boys.

Themed cocktail party

Cocktail themed parties – Northampton

Cocktail themed parties are a great way of making your birthday or special occasion memorable for you and all your guests. We love providing you with a menu to fit your theme. Irish, 1980s, 1920s / 30s prohibition, colour themes etc are all possibilities.

Lavender Martini - new cocktails

Sampling new cocktails at your party – Leicester

Cocktail Shaker Boys offered up an enhanced menu for a 50th birthday party in Leicester. We introduced the guests to some new cocktails in mini form to tantalise the tastebuds with some unusual flavour combinations, alongside the standard classic cocktail menu. Everyone joined in, guessing at what the minis contained. A great fun night all round.

Rum cocktails

It’s a Rum old do – Rum is a great spirit for Summer

Rum is on the menu from the Cocktail Shaker Boys and we’re happy to share our ideas with you. How about getting some golden and dark rums in, in place of your usual Bacardi? It’s worth a shot – we think

Cocktail party planning – how we charge

A short film clip about how we work and how we charge from the Cocktail Shaker Boys. If you’re considering cocktails for your forthcoming party or event at home or locally hired venue, this is how it could work for you.

Quality hand made cocktails

Margarita time – 40th & 50th birthday parties

Margaritas are a popular choice on cocktail menus we offer for 40th and 50th birthday parties. But be warned they’re a potent mix of blanco tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. And then there’s the whole debate about the salted rim. Some like it, some definitely don’t. So we let you choose.