Cocktails – the presentation

Cocktail Shaker Boys presentation for groups, clubs and anyone who needs guest speakers. This lively 40 minute presentation runs through the history of cocktails, introducing the world’s great spirits. Some top tips for making WOW cocktails at home, and then the boys do a brief demonstration of how to make them, finishing with a chance to try some samples for the audience.

Cocktails at Wootton Village Boutique

Cocktail Shaker Boys appear at Wootton Village Boutique

Us Cocktail Shaker Boys were pleased to have met the ladies at the Wootton Village Boutique last week to help them celebrate their first year of trading. So as the ladies shopped, we were there on hand to dish out the Cosmopolitans, the Mojitos, the Icelandic Sea Breezes and the Tequila Sunrises. Oh yes and a couple of cracking mocktails were on the menu too including our own OMD – orange, mango and a dash of lime.

Cocktail making demonstration - Northampton

Cocktail making presentation

Cocktail making presentations. Spirits, liqueurs and cocktails have an interesting story to tell from different parts of the world. We’ll come along to your meeting, company event, or association get together and share the secrets of their interesting past. We can also run a demonstration of how to make your own perfect cocktails : the basic structure of the cocktail, and how to use it.