Cocktails at your company do, party or function

For cocktails at your company function, party or do talk to us the Cocktail Shaker Boys. You may be interested in cocktails to add that bit of glamour, and a bit of a Wow factor. Each function we run is different and so we’re happy to work with you to fit the brief. It could be a theme, or a set budget and we supply flexible menus to suit your function. Daytime event – lighter cocktails perhaps. Many options. Let’s talk.

Gin recommendations

Cocktail selection at Duncan Murray Wines – sampling

4 cocktails to try at Duncan Murray Wines on Saturday. A range featuring the wine shop’s great selection of gin and vodka from our local distilleries Warner Edwards and Two Birds, plus Pedro Ximinez sherry. Cocktail Shaker Boys will be on hand to offer you some cocktail samples and general cocktail chit-chat! Come along and say hello.

Cocktails – we supply the lot – not bartenders for hire

Cocktail Shaker Boys – not just bartenders for hire. We prefer to organise the whole cocktail thing for you. We will supply the spirits, liqueurs, mixers and garnishes. Which means you don’t have to of course. You also don’t get left with a load of weird stuff you’ve paid for but have no use for. Good huh?
We supply all the glassware too so that you have a one-stop solution for all things cocktails.

Sample mini cocktails at your event

Have you considered the idea of cocktail minis at your event or function? Using our cutesy range of mini bottles we can offer you and your guests or visitors all the glamour of cocktails without the fuss. We can provide a range of menus and ideas to fit a theme. Prohibition era cocktails, brand new ones and everything in between.

Cocktail sampling at Duncan Murray Wines – Saturday 2nd August

Cocktails are the theme of the day on Saturday 2nd August at Duncan Murray Wines in Market Harborough. Cocktails taking preference over wines. In a wine shop. Well who’d a thought it?! Just for one day the Cocktail Shaker Boys will be in residence with samples of 6 cocktails. Some brand new – our own creations, plus we’ll have some old classics on the menu and we’ll be rekindling some from the Prohibition era. What’s not to like?!

Rotary presentation

Rotary presentation – Market Harborough

Cocktail Shaker Boys – guest speakers at the Market Harborough Rotary as the new president starts his year in office. A shortened version of our presentation complete with the usual demonstration and samples of course for the guests. Available as guest speakers at company events or club, associations or groups gatherings.

Quality cocktails

Full strength cocktails from the Cocktail Shaker Boys – quality cocktails

Cocktail Shaker Boys are keen on making quality cocktails for you at your special party or event. The ice stays in the shaker, so you don’t get a cocktail which tastes like a lolly after a couple of minutes. We use large glasses and work with top quality cocktail ingredients and brands. Try us out.

cocktail making demonstration

Cocktail making presentation and demonstration from the Cocktail Shaker Boys

Another cocktail making presentation and demonstration to a Leicestershire W.I. group by the Cocktail Shaker Boys. The hour slot on cocktails and cocktail making traces the history of cocktails with a few amazing facts along the way. Some top tips for cocktail making at home, followed by the signature demonstration and sampling opportunities for the audience.

W.I. talk on cocktail making

W.I. presentation – cocktail making demonstration – Leicestershire

A W.I. presentation in Leicestershire on cocktail making. The history of cocktail development, with a whistle stop tour around the world’s great spirits and liqueurs. Our presentation finishes with some top tips for cocktail making at home, followed by the demonstration and sampling opportunity of course.