Hen party cocktails

Cocktails on a budget – hen party and wedding cocktails

Cocktails to fit your budget. We the Cocktail Shaker Boys are happy to work with you to get cocktails on your party menu without blowing the budget. We have some ideas for helping to keep the cost down for you. We can give you a quote quickly and easily – so it will be simple for us both to know whether we can help. Cocktails for hen parties and weddings where you’re working to a budget.

Quality hand made cocktails

Margarita time – ideal for 40th & 50th birthday celebrations

Margaritas are a popular choice on cocktail menus we offer for 40th and 50th birthday parties. But be warned they’re a potent mix of blanco tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. And then there’s the whole debate about the salted rim. Some like it, some definitely don’t. So we let you choose.

Quality cocktails

Full strength cocktails from the Cocktail Shaker Boys – quality cocktails

Cocktail Shaker Boys are keen on making quality cocktails for you at your special party or event. The ice stays in the shaker, so you don’t get a cocktail which tastes like a lolly after a couple of minutes. We use large glasses and work with top quality cocktail ingredients and brands. Try us out.

Themed cocktail parties – choose a theme

Cocktail party themes. Why not add a theme to your forthcoming event or party? We supply cocktails to fit your theme if you want us to. Prohibition 1920s America, 1980s Britain, & modern sophisticated cocktails are all great themes which you can dress up for while sipping the cocktails of the day.

Martini party

Martini party

Martini parties. We offer this as a theme for your cocktail evening at home or at a locally hired venue. What a great theme to add glamour and sophistication to your party or special event. We’ve developed a great range of Martini cocktails. Some are classics, some are ones we’ve developed ourselves and some are ones we’ve tried out while doing our exhaustive research.

Summer garden cocktails

Rubicon fruit juices – ideal for your summer cocktails

Rubicon fruit juices are a great ingredient in summer cocktails. We use them a lot when creating new cocktails and the current summer weather is the ideal time to stock up. They are real juices – not from concentrate and they combine well with other juices, mixers and spirits.