New cocktail ingredients

Want to try some new cocktails at your place?

Make your party a new cocktail experience for your guests with an all-new cocktail menu. Ignore the Mojitos, Cosmos and Pina Coladas. Give us the opportunity to introduce you to your next favourite cocktail. We’ll even offer you a discounted price to reward your boldness! New cocktails from prohibition, 2016 London cocktail competitions and our in-house creations. Be early adopters with some help from the Cocktail Shaker Boys.

red white and blue cocktails

Colour palette cocktails

How about colour themed cocktails to fit your planned event or party? We like a challenge and are happy to build a menu to fit your theme. Pink, red, white and blue, colours of your national flag. Whatever. Just ask. Colour palette cocktails from the Cocktail Shaker Boys.

Lavender Martini

How about an all-new cocktail menu to get your guests interested?

Try an all-new cocktail menu to get your guests really buzzing about your cocktails. Let us help you try some new concoctions and in-house creations to make the cocktails a real talking point at your party or celebration. We’ve got a load of new ideas for you.

London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week 2017 – refining our craft

Great new cocktail ideas from London Cocktail Week 2017. Tried some great new cocktails, new products and the good news for you our customers, you get to try some of the best new ideas we’ve come across. A win-win surely.

exhibition hall

Getting new ideas at the trade show – Imbibe Live

Cocktail Shaker Boys attend the Imbibe Live trade show in London and gain ideas and sample new products. The result is a range of new cocktail creations for you to try at your forthcoming party at home or local venue. If you’re an early adopter, we have a range of great new cocktails for you.